Thursday, February 2, 2012

1st Review: Wagamama na Jun ai

Summary from Our heroine is a cute girl named Miyo-chan. The story begins at a train station, where Miyo has just gathered up all her courage and is about to confess her love to her long-time crush Honda-kun. However, things don’t go quite like how Miyo planned. In a strange mishap, Miyo ends up confessing her love, but not to Honda (who has boarded the train and is now behind doors that are sliding shut)! Instead, when she opens her eyes to peek at her love interest to see what his reaction to her declaration is, she is shocked to see another guy standing in front of her. A very… large… guy. A very… intimidating and mean looking guy…
Oops! Miyo has confessed to the wrong guy! Even worse, the guy she did confess to is a well-known guy at her school. His name is Kuratarou, and he is SCARY. Everyone at school is afraid of him because he is tall, mean-looking, and speaks in a rude and menacing way to them all. Kuratarou is definitely NOT school prince material. He is pretty much the opposite of the school prince type of guy. Even worse, he seems to be a friend of Honda-kun!

Review Time!: I personally didn't really like this manga. The drawing style needs work because the people look a little funny. Honda-kun barely ever appears and I was confused when Kuratarou takes Miyo from her granfather's temple, where she lives. I didn't even know she had a grandfather until that scene. Kuratarou and Miyo fought too much in the beginning chapters. Then the plot was confusing. DO NOT READ THIS MANGA!

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